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Lawyers representing 31 accused persons who are mostly residents of Lunsar on Wednesday 17th March 2021 intimated to the court that they intend to file a written no-case submission to the court as against the next adjourned date. The disclosure to submit a no-case submission came after the defence cross-examined the prosecution's tenth and last witness and after they had disclosed that they (prosecution) had closed their case. The 31 accused persons were on Wednesday 17th March 2021 arraigned before Magistrate Mark Ngegba at the Freetown Magistrate Court No. 1 on Pademba Road in Freetown over the alleged riot in Lunsar which saw the destruction of property belonging to the Paramount Chief, Bai Koblo Queen amounting to over Le 11 billion and the murder of the PC's nephew, Alie Kabia. Consequently, the 31 accused persons faced several counts. Among them are: murder, riotous conduct, throwing missiles, and disorderly behaviour, among others. State Counsel Yusif Isaac Sesay is prosecuting the matter. Lawyer Lansana Dumbuya is representing the 14th accused person, Lawyer Pujeh is representing the 26th accused person while Lawyer Macfoy is representing all the other accused persons. System and Data Analyst, Detective Mohamed Jusu, attached to the Cyber Crime Unit, Scientific Support Department, and Criminal Investigation Department who had earlier testified was duly cross-examined by defence counsels. In his cross-examination, Lawyer Lansana Dumbuya argued that his client was not present when the alleged incident took place, adding that he came after the incident had occurred. He also argued that the video which was earlier screened in court during a protest in Lunsar identified a man named Bulgur as the ringleader. In his own address to the court, lawyer Macfoy reiterated that what the witness did was not the author of the video, adding that someone who did the video may have tampered with it, but the witness disclosed that he had used his expertise and has reached the conclusion that the video was not being tampered with. Lawyer Macfoy also disclosed that the faces of his clients did not appear on the protest video as well as their names were not mentioned. Prosecution witness Jusu agreed with lawyer Macfoy. Magistrate Mark Ngegba admonished the defence counsels to ensure that they submit their written no-case submission on the next adjourned date. "It is a must that you submit your no-case submission on the next adjourned date", he said. All the accused persons were remanded at the Male Correctional Facility on Pademba Road in Freetown.

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